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In the late '80s, GIG's management decided to broaden the range of product/services offered and decided to set up a new department to provide HVAC maintenance services. As demand grew, the department diversified the services to include electrical, mechanical, plumbing & civil works.

The department was later renamed as the FM Division, focusing on offering the complete "Hard" services in house. We have grown over the years due to integrating technology in our field operations to enhance our services and customer experience further.

Today, GIG's FM hard services team's strengths stem from the fact that we can provide all the necessary MEP & civil maintenance services and essential specialized services from: Fire & Life Safety; Protection & ELV; All-in-House Water Treatment. Thus, supplying our clients with a holistic/turnkey strategy in the area of facility management.

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Facility Management Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Facility management includes a broad scope of functions and is hard to define using a few words. Other positions like sales managers have defined responsibilities, and they are directly responsible for managing the performance of salespeople. However, the functions and duties of facility management go beyond “managing facilities”. That is the reason why it is difficult for companies to maximize the use of a facility manager. But the question is always the same, why is facilities management important?

To understand the importance of a facility manager, you should first understand their scope of work. Here at GIG, we have based facility management on four pillars, and these pillars allow us to provide the highest-quality services to all our clients.

Energy Saving Solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Appliances used for residential purposes continue to be one of the significant contributors to greenhouse gases. Since these appliances consume a lot of energy, they increase our collective carbon footprint that affects the environment. An easy fix to this problem is switching to energy-saving solutions. With technology evolution, customers and organizations can choose energy-efficient solutions to reduce their carbon impact. These solutions are not only beneficial for the environment, but they also assist in saving costs and improving lifestyles.

HVAC Maintenance Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Maintaining the HVAC system allows you to protect your equipment and people from discomfort. HVAC systems should be well maintained and ensure all components are functioning accurately. If you are looking for an expert to help you maintain your HVAC system, our experts at GIG can assist you with the maintenance process. Our experts can help you keep the indoor air at appropriate levels and ensure the system is working seamlessly.

MEP Maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

An MEP or Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing structure requires regular maintenance to function seamlessly. This system is an integral part and directly controls our utility needs. At GIG, we offer the best MEP maintenance packages. Our qualified experts can inspect and service all components to find any minor or major faults. With our MEP maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi packages, you get extended life and better results.

Building Maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

When the maintenance of a building is neglected, several issues start to pop up. Improper building maintenance leads to degradation or decay. Thus, you should put resources into maintaining your structure and all the components in it. At GIG, we deliver the best maintenance service to all kinds of buildings including residential, commercial & High-rise buildings.

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