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In security & ELV systems and automation specifications, General International Group prides itself with the best value solutions here in the UAE. The main goal of incorporating ELV services within GIG is to extend our proposed specialized services by providing a complementary range of ELV products to our Fire & Life Protection products & services offerings. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we have provided our clients around the UAE with quality and efficient, networking and security solutions across both the government and private sectors.

We offer and incorporate turnkey services for CCTV, access control, intrusion alarm, gate barriers, structured cabling network, intercom, SMATV, IPTV, public address, and home automation systems maintenance. Our collaboration with several qualified brands allows us to provide our consumer base with quality & affordable products.

GIG is proud to contribute to the Middle East & Africa ELV sector's rising needs, combined with a highly experienced team that offers pre-sales, post-sales, project management/delivery and support (MEA).

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are an ideal surveillance solution that lets you monitor the premises right from your desk. These systems allow the users to take protective security measures and minimize potential threats. A CCTV system consists of cameras, monitors, and video recorders. Together this equipment helps the user to monitor, record, and even analyze everything that happens around. Through CCTV camera installation, you can take proactive security measures, and help uncover the truth after any incident. Surveillance around and outside of the office will capture every activity that happens nearby and keeps your inventory, assets, and other valuable items protected from threats.

Home Automation Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The only purpose of technology is to make our lives and our home automation systems easier. So, no more worrying about switching off the lights and maintaining the security of your house. With our smart home gadgets, you can completely automate your home and control everything with a single tap.

Gate Barrier System in Dubai and Abi Dhabi

We are living in modern times where everything is automated or in the process of being automated. From home automation to automation in the workplace, these devices have made life simple and fuss-free. Our gate barrier system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the newest automation model to make your world smarter. Security has become a significant concern for people everywhere around the globe, and our gate barrier systems provide a way that will allow you to increase security without any additional hassle. This system will assist you ensure only the authorized personnel can get in.

Structured Cabling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Technology is constantly growing, and people are integrating the latest tech into their lives. From homes to workspaces, you can see automated systems and high-tech equipment all around. The frequent technology updates make life much easier and increase the productivity of a workspace. However, these new tools need a secure and broad network to perform their best. Structured cabling is an infrastructure made up of small and standardized elements. This network solution can support the advancing technology and tools. Handy for campus areas and offices, this system supports everything from personal computers to VoIP calling systems.

Intrusion Detection System in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Safety is a huge concern for most people these days. One can never assume that they will be safe. Not only you, even your home can be at risk of being broken into. Most of us keep all our money and other valuables such as jewelry and other important documents at our homes. Burglars and thieves keep lurking around, looking for one opportunity to break in and rob you off all your valuables.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems have become an integral tool to improve security. These advanced systems allow you to integrate sophisticated security measures into your workplace. At GIG, we offer the most high-tech access control systems that help to control your network. Our solutions can easily authenticate and authorize entry and exit, allowing only the permitted individuals in the vicinity. These systems offer complete control to the user and ensure maximum security on the premises.

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